Sheds Direct can help you with your backyard makeover

Anytime is the perfect time to do a backyard makeover, and if you’re in the market for garden sheds direct to install in your backyard, we’ve got a wide range to suit you.

Adding in extra storage is one of the reasons many people undertake a backyard makeover; they often have extra space that isn’t being used or may have a hobby which would be better served if they had a garden workshop to work from.

Would you believe one of our most popular designs is our Dutch Barn. The stylish curved roof offers not only a great look that will blend seamlessly into your backyard, but excellent storage options and significant head height – there won’t be any hitting of your head when you walk into these barns.

If you are after a more traditional style for your backyard storage solution, our workshops are perfect. These are high quality builds at an affordable price, and are a great choice if you are looking for some extra gardening space, hobby space, or just to build a man-cave (or a woman-cave for that matter).

These backyard solutions don’t just offer great storage or hobby space – extra storage can be an advantage when it comes time to sell your property. But of course, your extra storage needs to be good quality, well built and able to withstand all weather conditions.

The most secure bitcoin wallet on the planet!

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Whereas the workshop is being rebuilt we’re going to be operating the enterprise from dwelling, which can be a bit difficult however I’m certain will get simpler over time.

For native clients who’ve been inquiring about after we might be reopening once more at Tredegar Home, the estimate from the Nationwide Belief remains to be February subsequent yr.

One last thanks for all the assistance and assist.

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While the workshop is being rebuilt we are going to be running the business from home, which will be a bit challenging but I am sure will get easier over time.

For local customers who have been enquiring about when we will be reopening again at Tredegar House, the estimate from the National Trust is still February next year.

One final thank you for all the help and support.

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Samsung Smart Bike

What do you call a bicycle that doesn’t have a motor, but is packed with electronic features? Well, the emerging term seems to be “smart bike.” We’ve already seen one called the Valour, but now there’s a new one-off known as the Samsung Smart Bike. Above all else, it’s designed to make bicycle commuting safer.

The Samsung Smart Bike was designed by Italian frame-builder Giovanni Pelizzoli and student Alice Biotti. It was created through the Samsung Maestros Academy, an online platform in which Italians who are masters in their field (such as Pelizzoli) teach their skills to promising up-and-comers (such as Biotti).

The aluminum frame, first of all, features curved tubes designed to soak up some of the vibrations caused by riding on rough city streets.

Located between the seat stays of that frame is a rearview camera, that streams a live video feed to a handlebar-mounted Samsung smartphone. There are also four lasers built into the frame, that project a bike lane onto the road on either side of the bike, as it’s moving. Those lasers automatically come on as ambient light levels drop, as detected by the smartphone.

Additionally, an app on the phone uses GPS to make a note of routes that are often traveled by the cyclist. It then offers the option of notifying city officials of those routes, with the suggestion that they add officially-designated bicycle lanes.

The frame also houses a battery, an Arduino module, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Perhaps a little surprisingly, though, the bike lacks a plain old headlight or tail light.

The Samsung Smart Bike made its public debut in April, at Milan Design Week. There’s no word on any plans for commercialization, but you can see more of the prototype in the video below.


Source: Samsung Maestros Academy

BMW gives “i8″ that is its very own solar carport

BMW Group DesignworksUSA has designed a solar carport to house the new i3 and forthcoming i8 electric vehicles. BMW is revealing the one-car solar garage concept as part of the official media launch of the i8 in Los Angeles.

The concept follows previous efforts from the German automotive giant to power its “i” sub-brand using renewable energy. It last year unveiled a similar carport system conceived in partnership with the photovoltaic firm SOLARWATT GmbH.

The latest design features an insect-like frame that makes extensive use of bamboo and like the SOLARWATT system, it features glass-on-glass solar modules on its rooftop.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with BMW’s i Wallbox Pro, enabling owners to charge direct from the solar collector panels and providing a detailed report on the amount of solar going into the system and how that compares against grid consumption. Any excess energy produced by the carport can be fed back into the owner’s residence for domestic use.

BMW’s solar carport concept may not be quite as eye-catching as say, thePure Tension collapsible solar pavilion revealed by Volvo last year, but it does appear to have a better chance of moving beyond concept stage.

The i8 hybrid, when fully charged has a range of approximately 22 miles (37 km) in all-electric mode.

Source: BMW

Mink 3D printer lets you create your own customized color makeup

Finding the exact shade of lipstick or eye shadow you have in mind can be tough, which is why Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School alumni, came up with the Mink – a 3D printer that lets you print out makeup in any color you fancy. Whether it’s the color of a fruit, your friend’s purse or a sunset, transforming that color into any kind of makeup is simply a matter of choosing it and hitting print.

The Mink 3D printer uses the same FDA-approved substrates and ingredients used by popular makeup brands. To print color-specific makeup, a user just needs to pick a color, be it from an image found online, a photo they’ve clicked, or a color they’ve selected in image editing software like Paint or Photoshop. All the software needs is the hex code of the chosen color (easily obtained with a color picker) and Mink is ready to print.

Instead of being restricted to a limited color palette, users will be able to print (and wear) makeup in any color in the world, from the comfort of their own homes, according to Choi. “It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic, turning any phone, laptop or camera into an endless beauty aisle,” she says. “You can take a picture of your friend’s lipstick and just print it out.”

Choi 3D printed a light pink eye shadow when she presented Mink at theTechCrunch Disrupt 2014 conference in New York. While Mink can currently print powder-based makeups, Choi plans to expand its capabilities to print things like lip gloss and cream.

The 3D makeup printer is targeted at users in the 13-21 age group and will retail for less than US$200 when it’s launched later this year.

Check out the video of her presentation below.

Source: Mink via Techcrunch

“Vanhawks Valour” World’s first smart bike?

A Concept smart bike that connects to your smartphone and transmits information from an array of sensors has made its way onto Kickstarter

Designed by startup Vanhawks, the Valour is a smartbike aiming to maximise your safety and provide metrics on how you’re peddling.

Unlike other smart bikes, the Vanhawks Valour is not an electric bike. In fact, it’s a carbon fibre framed road bike. However, it’s stuffed with a variety of sensors, including an accelerometer, magnetometer and a speed sensor.

It can connect with any device that runs iOS,Android or Pebble according to its makers. It’ll piggyback off those devices to provide turn-by-turn instructions to the rider in the form of LED indicators on the handlebars.

According to Vanhawk, these LED indicators will provide riders with valuable information. Like routes that avoid steep hills.

“A year ago, we set out to create a fundamentally new kind of bike,” the company said on its website. “We believed there had to be a way to improve a technology that hadn’t been re-thought in 120 years.

“Bikes are one of the funnest, most efficient and most environmentally sound forms of transportation. That’s why we care about them so much.

“Over the last 300+ days, we’ve poured our hearts into re-thinking urban commuting from the ground up. It took countless nights, thousands of engineering decisions and R&D with some of the world’s most advanced production partners to finally make it here.”

It’s currently a Kickstarter project – the company is hoping to raise CAD$100,000 (£55,000) to get the wheels in motion. So to speak.