Garden Workshop or Garden Shed what to choose?

The tiny house movement in the USA has been a revelation in the way some people choose to live their lives, whilst the concept of living in a tiny house has not yet gained as much traction here in the UK, yet as home owners many of us are interested in how we can achieve a better lifestyle and value in our homes.

In this article we will look at Shed life, how you can use the affordable alternative to inside living and how you can achieve better quality by having a Garden Shed or garden Workshop

Generally here in the UK we use our garden sheds for one of three purposes.

  1. 1. Extra Storage Space
  2. 2. Extra Living Space
  3. 3. Hobbies and Pastimes

If you are considering the need for more indoor / outdoor space in your garden or yard, a garden shed can be both cost-effective and practical, a source that can be relocated and expanded upon if needed.

Using your Shed for Extra Storage Space

Whether you simply need to store your basic garden tools or summer garden furniture over winter, or kids toys when they are not being used then a basic waterproof (and maybe some insulation) shed could be what you are looking for.

Having a sturdy and affordable garden shed may meet your needs; here at Sheds Direct we may recommend the lower cost associated with an Apex or Pent Shed, with the solid build of a heavy-duty frame for both security and peace of mind.

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3 Sheds Direct’s Tips to getting the best from your Garden workshop this summer

Are you the proud owner of a great quality Garden Workshop this summer?

Having access to your own garden garden workshop in summer opens up the opportunity to get the best from your outdoor living space.

In the UK most people tend to use their garden workshop as one of 3 different activity types:

  1. 1. Extra Storage
  2. 2. Extra Living Space
  3. 3. Extra Workspace

Some Garden Workshops can be used as a combination of the above, storing and working, plants and projects or the elusive man cave.

Sheds are popular in June 2015 the Shed of the year was trending with over 2.1 million viewers almost as popular as top gear.

Anyway we digress, to have a quality garden shed or garden workshop that gives you the years of enjoyment, all you need is a desire and a few tips to keep the dream alive. First off you will need a Garden Sheds or garden workshop….

The 3 Tips To Getting Best Garden Workshop In The Yard

    1. 1. First of all, you need to make up your mind on how you would make use of the available space within the garden to create the great garden shed that gives you the best use of space and ultimately the pleasure you want from your shed consider the location.Try not to obstruct existing buildings, borders and boundaries while building the garden shed, you will need to clearly and carefully make measurements of the area that you want to position the shed and create the garden building in the dimensions you planned.


    1. 2. You have to make up your mind to add greenhouse, a bar, seating or work space to your garden workshop. If you are cultivating plants, you will have to ensure to make use of the portion that has access to direct sunlight. Greenhouse gains a lot of positive impact when it gets good quantity of sunlight. The efficiency of this greenhouse is dependent on the amount of sunlight that hits the roof of the building. The greater the quantity and quality of direct sun, the greater the efficiency you are going to have here too.Security can also be a concern, especially if you are storing valuable items, inventions or tools, make sure the design includes a sturdy door and walls.


  1. 3. Making sure you have the right quality construction, sturdy roof and flooring can never be under valued. Imagine storing items easily damaged by the great British weather and along comes a strong wind that takes the roof off your shed, exposing the stored items and creating damage. Many people also use a shed to store garden equipment, motor cycles and quad bikes etc. Having a sturdy floor ensures the shed can take the weight.

There are really many other things you have to put into consideration when constructing your garden shed. These considerations should be based on what you have in mind.

Ensure you have a great plan and try to make the best decision on what you will have.

Finally, you have to take into consideration some things like how much the shed will impact on to the surrounding where you grow your plants when they are built close to the garden.

If you have a project that involves a new quality built garden shed then you really should talk to Sheds Direct, at Sheds Direct we are passionate about garden sheds and we are always happy to help you out, feel free to call us on 01405 765400