8 Carb-Friendly Veggies to Hack A Diabetic Diet With

Could you be ruining your diet by eating the wrong types of vegetables? For diabetics, not all vegetables are equal, and high-carb vegetables can definitely derail your diabetic diet. So, which veggies are carb-friendly enough to keep diabetes under strict control, and why?

Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat okra or seaweed. The vegetables on this list are ones that anyone can get behind (well, most are!) & are tasty to boot. The vegetables listed below promise to make you feel full, even as they regulate your blood sugar, and add a variety of other healthy benefits to the bargain.

#1: Why Your Momma Was Right About Spinach

Do you turn green at the thought of spinach? The old canned version may be the only product you are familiar with, and it is the least palatable. Today’s technology provides many other ways to enjoy spinach that enhances the flavor and gives endless options for including it in your diet.

Best Way to Use This Vegetable: Opt for the fresh, crisp, bags of fresh spinach, kale, or other greens, to add to your refrigerator’s veggie drawer. Second best in nutrition, but still close in flavor, is the frozen packs of spinach. Avoid canned spinach as it generally is the worst choice for nutrition and flavor.  For the full article click here